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At Bonavida Spain, we not only help you find the property of your dreams, but we also offer you a series of services that will make your life in Spain easier. These are some of the services we offer you:

Property processing

We advise you and manage everything related to the purchase or rental of your property in Spain, from the search to the signing of the contract. We accompany you throughout the whole process, and we take care of the administrative, legal and tax formalities.

Processing of documents

We help you to obtain and renew the necessary documents to live in Spain, such as the NIE, census registration, health card, driving licence, or energy certificate. We also advise you on tax obligations and tax deductions that you can apply.

Selling your property

If you want to sell or rent your property, we offer you an effective and personalised promotion, which includes the publication of your property on our website, on the main real estate portals, on social networks, and in specialised media. We also have a large portfolio of potential clients, to whom we send detailed and updated information about your property.

Translation of documents

We provide you with the translation of the documents you need, both official and unofficial, in several languages, such as Spanish, Norwegian, English, French, or German. We have professional, sworn translators who guarantee the quality and validity of the translations.

Notary service

We accompany and represent you at the notary’s office, so that you can sign the deed of sale, the rental contract, the will, or any other notarial document that you may require. We explain the content and scope of the documents, and assist you if any problems or doubts arise.

After-sales management

Our service does not end with the signing of the contract. We remain at your side to resolve any issues or incidents that may arise after the purchase or rental of your property. We also offer you other complementary services, such as maintenance, cleaning, moving or decoration of your property.